Understanding Fruit Fly Technology

Posted 12 May 2001 at 00:59 UTC by steve Share This

UPI is carrying an interview with Michael H. Dickinson about his work reverse-engineering the flight control system of the Fruit Fly. Dickinson's lab is staffed by a team of researchers from fields ranging from structural engineering to neurobiology. Together they are trying to understand how a neural network the size of a sesame seed can outperform a supercomputer, allowing the tiny fly to process data from vision, smell, airflow and orientation sensors in real time while operating wings and navigating in a complex environment.

The thought of it!, posted 12 May 2001 at 16:21 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Just think of it if they could understand the genetics of a fruit fly to create a new artificial being. What would/could people do with that sort of technology? Even if they could create parts to use in a cyborg, that would be rather awesome!

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