Biological Learning and AI

Posted 8 Jul 2004 at 00:16 UTC by steve Share This

Cogprints just announced the addition of a 1994 research paper (PDF format) by Christian Balkenius on the implications of biological learning mechanisms to artificial intelligence. The paper is ten years old but still relevant today. It ties in nicely with Rodeny Brooks' subsumption approach to behavioural robotics and suggests that prior AI research efforts to find a generalized set of learning algorithms were fundamentally wrong.

The non-grand conclusion, posted 15 Jul 2004 at 17:59 UTC by Rog-a-matic » (Master)

It's ashame that researchers see the need to write 16 pages to say what could be conveyed in 1. Most of this paper rehashes past and current ideas and debates about animial learning, then the author offers the grand conclusion that using only one learning mechanisim isn't the solution. Ok.

Why is AI stuck in this state?


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