AVRcam Offers an Alternative to CMUcam

Posted 30 Nov 2004 at 20:24 UTC by steve Share This

Chibots member John Orlando has released an updated version of his AVRcam, with firmware and software licensed under the GNU GPL, providing the first free software/hardware alternative to the proprietary CMUcam. The CMUcam is a simple CCD camera integrated with a PIC processor and firmware that tracks a color blob at 17 fps and performs rudimentary image processing. Unfortunately, because the CMUcam hardware and software are proprietary, it's of limited use to robot experimenters and requires special licensing and royalty payments for commercial use. The Open Source AVRcam is very similar but uses an Atmel AVR processor. The AVRcam can track up to 8 user-defined colors with a resolution of 88 x 144 pixels at 30 fps and provides real-time stats through a standard serial port. The schematic (PDF format), documentation (PDF format), and source code are available now. For those who prefer an assembled and tested AVRcam, you can buy one from the JRobot online store.

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