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Robots Join the Royal Navy

Posted 6 Jun 2005 at 19:23 UTC by steve Share This

According to an IEE story, the Royal Navy is about to take delivery of ten new unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). The autonomous underwater robots are known as Remote Environmental Monitoring Units (REMUS). They scan the waters up to 100 meters deep looking for underwater mines. The robots, which are made by Hydroid, are expected to be in service until 2011 protecting harbors and ports against terrorist attacks. Thanks go to dogsbody_d for the tip.

Yay! My first accepted story!, posted 7 Jun 2005 at 11:31 UTC by dogsbody_d » (Master)

Thanks Steve, I feel like a celebrity now :D

I'd better hat-tip to Professor Pham (my supervisor) who sent me the link. Ironic really, it's usually me that sends links to him from er... here!

I have a couple of points to note. First, isn't Hydroid a fantastic name for a water-robot company? Second, they don't seem to plan a very long service for them do they? I wonder if that means that they already know what they are going to replace them with...

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