A Cyborg Explores What it Means to be Human

Posted 2 Dec 2005 at 04:34 UTC by steve Share This

A Science & Theology News article explores the world of Michael Chorost, a man who recently received a coclear implant. His hearing is now dependent on the implanted computer chip and the software that controls it, making him a member of the growing ranks of cyborgs in the world. He ponders what this means. He's clearly not the dehumanized monster that Hollywood shows us, but does being part machine make him less than a person? He concludes that being a person and having the rights of a person should have nothing to do with whether the individual is all biological, half biological and half machine, or all machine. Not everyone agrees. An accompanying article from an apparent technophobe warns that by ignoring the "apocalyptic" dangers of cyborgs, we're replacing humanity with another species.

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