AZIMUT 2 Omnidirectional Robot

Posted 6 Jan 2006 at 16:07 UTC by steve Share This

RoboMotio and LABORIUS Research Laboratory on Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems have announced the completion of the AZIMUT 2 robotics platform prototype. AZIMUT 2 is an advanced modular and omnidirectional robot that builds on the AZIMUT 1. It has four independent directed wheels (8 DOF) and is designed to navigate both flat surfaces and uneven terrain. Each wheel is powered and can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the robot to move sideways without changing its heading. Each wheel also includes an independent vertical suspension that uses elastic actuators to sense and control torque. The robot is controlled by multiple processors that communicate over a CAN bus. A Mini-ITX board providers higher-level processing. In 2006, the developers hope to trade out the conventional wheels for leg-track-wheels that will provide the robot with 12 DOF and the ability to climb stairs. For more photos and video of the robot moving over various types of terrain see the RoboMotio AZIMUT 2 webpage.

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