Steam Powered Armatron

Posted 9 May 2006 at 20:55 UTC by steve Share This

I-Wei Huang writes, "You had a blog on about my steam robots a while back, thank you! I just hacked together a steam powered armatron, figure you'd get a kick out of it." That's right, I-Wei took one of those Tandy Armatrons from the 1980s and replaced the small, battery-powered motor with a connection to an alcohol burning, Jensen model 75 steam engine. The steam engine was donated by Jensen Steam Engines after they saw some of his other steam powered robots. The steam Armatron sounds like it's a little more responsive than the original due to the steam engine's higher torque. Not only is the completed unit a seriously geeky robotic achievement, it also looks pretty spiffy with its combination of dark, heat resistant paint and shiny metal.

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