The Coming Political Problem of Robots

Posted 14 May 2006 at 21:13 UTC by steve Share This

A article by Charles T. Rubin explores the political and moral problems he believes will be presented when science fiction level robots become a reality. It covers the usual collection of complaints such as out of control AI, resentful "kill-all-humans!" robot servants, and machine-human hybrids out-evolving biological humans. Like previous articles by Rubin, this one has a bit of an anti-robot, anti-AI bias. He doesn't refer to robot builders as "extinctionists" in this one but he does suggest the Japanese goal of building humanoid robots to help care for their elderly is somehow morally questionable, and leaves the reader with the reminder that not all "technological development actually is an improvement of the human condition" and "not everything that is possible is desirable".

Views largely informed by hype and fiction, posted 15 May 2006 at 13:36 UTC by motters » (Master)

Well I was at the unveiling of that CMU "crusher" truck and I have to say it was unimpressive to put it mildly. As a piece of hardware it could roll over stuff perfectly well, like a tank, but in terms of sensing and intelligence it was nowhere. Even the tele-operation didn't work, and almost unbelievebly they were actually trailing fibre optic cable behind the robot to remotely operate it - which is clearly absurd in a combat situation.

I don't think we're anywhere near achieving human levels of intelligence just yet, although I think within a few dacedes we will get much closer.

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