Crabfu Steam Powered Six Wheel Rover

Posted 1 Jun 2006 at 18:22 UTC by steve Share This

I-Wei Huang of Crabfu SteamWorks writes, "Hey there, it's the mad steam builder again. I've just finished up my steam powered rover..." Yes, it's another steam-powered robot! This one is a six-wheeled ground robot and even more impressive than the steam powered Armatron we showed you last month. The mechanical design is similar to the David P. Anderson's jBot but, instead of simple differential steering, the steam rover uses a more complex four-wheel steering arrangement. The Steam Rover is powered by an anachronistic-looking Cheddar Puffin engine heated by a butane/propane mix. The Cheddar Puffin was original designed to power scale model boats. What's next from Crabfu? How about a steam-powered humanoid robot?

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