Planetary Society on Robots vs Humans

Posted 2 Nov 2006 at 20:52 UTC by steve Share This

The question of robots versus humans as explorers and colonizers of space seems to come up more often these days. The Planetary Society recently posted a podcast of a discussion at the American Astronomical Society's division for Planetary Sciences on the rule of humans vs. robot in space exploration. Among the participants are Buzz Aldrin, Jim Bell, Louis Friedman of the Planetary Society, and Chris McKay of NASA. The subject of science vs. exploration is also covered in the brief podcast. We last covered the robots vs. humans debate in our August story about James van Allen.

When new planets founds humans go there., posted 3 Nov 2006 at 00:07 UTC by marev » (Observer)

Space is obviously the fascinating subject for exploration etc. but i really do beleive that until future worlds are found robots should only do the work in space,saves a fortune.

Ground Humans., posted 4 Nov 2006 at 19:45 UTC by Goodrobot » (Journeyer)

Uuummm,yeah,let robots do it until it is easy/easy for people.

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