Vernor Vinge Still Betting on the Singularity

Posted 7 May 2007 at 19:40 UTC by steve Share This interviews Vernor Vinge, the modern popularizer of the Singularity concept. The Singularity is Vinge's name for the idea that the rate of technological change will soon exceed the ability of humans to comprehend. Some view this as a disaster scenario to be avoided and others view it as a sort of "geek rapture" in which humans and machine merge to form a new dominate species. In this latest interview he touches on the relevance of IBM's Deep Blue, the Internet, genetics, nanotechnology, and whether or not the 5,000 military robots in Iraq represent the beginings of a "Terminator scenario". He also predicts future mobile robots that will be more agile and coordinated than human athletes. It's always worth noting when talking about the Singularity that some researchers now suspect that the perception of an exponential curve of technological progress is really just the result of the way our brains and collective societies compress historical.

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