Random Robot Roundup

Posted 15 Feb 2008 at 18:15 UTC by steve Share This

Here's a sampling of the news that's been backing up in our mailbox while we were off handling network upgrades. Roland Piquepaille has been busy, posting new stories about a bowling robot, and an update on the bible-translating robot we reported on in November. Noriko Kageki sent us a link to video of Ryosuke Tajima's Wiimba - a Wiimote combined with a Roomba. Samantha Mason sent us Gloob TV's dubious list of the 10 Best robot videos. Hrafn Thórisson of Think Artificial responded with his own list of the 10 most popular YouTube robot videos. The Swirling Brain sent us links to an augmented reality article on contact lenses with integrated displays, an article on Japanese "robots" that create pollution maps, and the Pentagon's Top 10 projects list for the upcoming year which includes plenty of robots. Know any other robot news, gossip, or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way please.

And Mind.Forth achieved True AI., posted 15 Feb 2008 at 21:57 UTC by AI4U » (Observer)

BOO AI4U!, posted 20 Feb 2008 at 14:12 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Not the AI4U mentiflex spammer guy again!

This guy has been pushing his pseudo ai for a long time on the internet.

OK, we booted him last time!

Who certified this guy again? You've got to be kidding!!!

Please un-certify this guy so we won't have this nonsense ai spam all the time!

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