Migratory Boxes of Electronics Junk

Posted 2 Nov 2008 at 21:20 UTC (updated 2 Nov 2008 at 21:27 UTC) by steve Share This

The ucHobby blog has a great write up on the latest meatspace meme for electronic hobbyists. It's called The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic Junk (TGIMBOEJ) and it may be headed your way next. The idea originated with those evil geniuses, Windell and Lenore, at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. So what is a TGIMBOEJ? It's a progressive lending library of electronic parts. It works like this: the TGIMBOEJ arrives via UPS. You take out of it some parts you like and then put in some interesting parts from your own junk box. Then you ship the TGIMBOEJ off to someone else on the request list. But part of the deal is that you have to document the event online to show what you got and what you added, for example like Katie Bechtold did when she receive the TGIMBOEJ box. And, of course, you have to ship the box off a new recipient. There are a few other details to the process such as suggesting other future recipients. You can read about the whole process at the TGIMBOEJ Wiki. This sounds like enough fun that I think we'll start a robots.net TGIMBOEJ aimed at robot builders. Stay tuned for more. If you'd like to be considered as the first recipient of the box, add yourself to the box request list and post a reply here. (photo by John Edgar Park)

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