Random Robot Roundup

Posted 1 Dec 2008 at 23:58 UTC (updated 2 Dec 2008 at 16:06 UTC) by steve Share This

It's time for a Post-Thanksgiving news roundup. Jeff Donner let us know about a Hack a Day story on vacuum-generating Micromouse robots that are hoping to set new Micromouse speed records. Robotvibes noticed a CNN story on the Georgia Tech El-E robot and a story about the Pentagon hiring a British robotics expert to assist in their efforts to make ethical military robots. Trossen Robotics announced that they'd be the first company in the US to carry the MechRC Humanoid Robot. The Swirling Brain spotted quite a few robot items including a CleanTechnica story on Louisiana State University's AgBot. He also spotted a Pink Tentacle story on a Motoman Industrial robot who was showing off at the International Next-Generation Robot Fair by cooking okonomiyaki, using standard kitchen utensils. Also a Slashdot story on Mitsubishi Wakamarus joining human actors in a stage play, a NewScientist story on solar power producing cyborgs made from photosyntheic plant molecules, a BusinessWeek story on the influence brain biology is having on computer design, an io9 story on MIT's RoboTuna, and a list of upcoming Hollywood remakes of classic science fiction movies, many of which feature robots. Roland Piquepaille also blogged about AgBot, a robot designed to perform a variety of task around the home. Know any other robot news, gossip, or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way please.

okonomiyaki, posted 2 Dec 2008 at 16:07 UTC by steve » (Master)

Props to P. Wilson for pointing out that it's okonomiyaki and not olonomiyaki being cooked by the Motoman robot. :)

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