Beaglebot: A Robot Based on the Beagle Board

Posted 13 Jan 2009 at 20:19 UTC by steve Share This

Doug Emes forwarded the winner announcement from Beagle Board's Software Design Contest:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this first BeagleBoard Software Design Contest. There were really some great entries and some that show great promise for future contests. We (the judges for this contest) have voted and have our winner and first runner up selected: BeagleBot. Runner-up: USB Support in U-boot.

BeagleBot was created by Antti Seppänen and includes a differential drive system that uses 2 12VDC motors, sonar ranging sensors, video camera, and a joystick based manual remote control. Both the video camera and sonar are mounted on movable sensor platforms controlled by servos. The Linux ALSA sound system is used to generate sound effects. All of BeagleBot's software has been released as Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL. Congratulations to both winners. Rumor has it another Beagle Board software contest may come along soon so stay tuned. The Beagle Board is a powerful and inexpensive little microcontroller that's ideal for robotics use. See our earlier post on Beagle Board for more info.

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