Chirping Birds Herald the Age of the Cyborg

Posted 14 Jan 2009 at 22:04 UTC by steve Share This

The University of British Columbia has posted an essay by two associate professors declaring the Age of the Cyborg is here thanks to the materials science advances. They discuss a variety new implantable biomaterials useful for hip implants and as functional nanofibre scaffolds for tissue regeneration. These nanoscale materials can greatly extend the life of the hip implants, they can also help regenerate skin for burn victims, failing heart valves, or even damaged nerves. In a related story, npTribune reports on Cyborg Girl, Ginny Ong, a previously deaf girl who can hear thanks to cochlear implants that directly stimulate her auditory nerves. While her new ability to hear is apparently not perfect, she likes it: "I never realised how much I loved to hear birds chirping."

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