Random Robot Roundup

Posted 19 Jun 2009 at 23:44 UTC by steve Share This

Worried about super smart killer robots taking over the world? No need, says Francis X Govers III; claims that machines will surpass human brain power any time soon are "complete and utter BS". On the other hand, the Swirling Brain sent a link to the latest killer robot designs the Air Force is working on for urban warfare, such as kamikaze insect UAVs that will land on an enemy sniper's neck and explode. And that brings us to the latest news from DIY Drones; version 2.2 of ArduPilot, the open source AUV software is out. If you don't want your flying robot to crash, you'll also want to get all those resister values right and the ucHobby blog offers help in the form of a handy new online resister color code chart. Further afield, user montesns sent a link to Honda's new 3D Asimo website. And in the UK, the Shadow Robot Company is involved in two new research programs: one called HANDLE and another called PV-S aimed at robots for cleaning solar panels. Dr. Seth Quartey let us know about his website showcasing ads from Universities all over the world offering robotics academic and research programs. In news from beyond the Earth, robots are shaping up to be key players in the latest shuttle mission to the ISS, which also includes installation of the COLBERT hardware for the humans. Know any other robot news, gossip, or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way please. And don't forget to follow us on twitter.

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