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Posted 23 Feb 2002 at 01:02 UTC by steve Share This

Technology Review has a new article that provides an overview of the current state of AI research. From Cyc to robots, the article touches on all sorts of interesting things. It also contains this chilling statement: "One of the busiest artificial-intelligence labs today is at Microsoft". That really puts all those warnings about AI taking over the world in a new light.

OpenCyc, posted 23 Feb 2002 at 20:36 UTC by NateW » (Master)

Speaking of Cyc, is also worthy of mention. It's basically the fusion of the Cyc idea and the open source development model. It's barely off the ground, but it will be interesting to see what happens as this progresses.

Favorite quote from the article: "...known as Cyc (pronounced ``psych'')."

NW (that's "n" as in "knife" and "w" as in "writing")

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