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Military Robots Turning the Tide

Posted 26 Mar 2002 at 23:54 UTC by scienceboy2 Share This

Imagine if robots were on the battlefield in Afganistan right NOW. Think about it. No Americans would have to worry, because the only lives being risked would be robotic. The war would Quickly come to an end, and the rest of terrorism would dissappear from the earth. Military personell would keep their jobs, because they could remote control the 'bots from small terminals. There would never again be life risk in war.

If robots were our soldiers, we would not have to pay them. We would only have to pay the robot control personnel. Everyone would be happy, exept the enemy. But that is what we want, Right? We want to have the security of no lives on our side at risk. If an inexpensive robot is blown to pieces, maybe one for every 20 enemys, Who would really care? It would be wonderful to have the freedom to live easily with our robotic soldiers protecting us. Absolutely wonderful. And it will happen soon, if terrorism is to dissappear.

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