Dragonix VZ Linux SBC

Posted 29 May 2002 at 12:33 UTC by steve Share This

LinuxDevices.com has posted a review of the Dragonix VZ, a new Single Board Computer (SBC) that sounds ideal for robot applications. The Dragonix VZ is based on the Motorola Dragonball 68VZ328 processor, runs uClinux, and best of all, it's Open Hardware. You can buy a fully assembled SBC, a bare board, or just download the designs and make your own. The small board boasts a 33MHz CPU, 32MB of SDRAM, 2 x 2MB of Flash, a 10BT Ethernet port, RS-232, IrDA, 2 SPI ports, LCD controller, a touch panel controller that doubles as a 12 bit general purpose ADC, real-time clock, watchdog, and 2.5" IDE drive mounting points on the mainboard.

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