The Vibrating Retina Project

Posted 29 Mar 2001 at 05:08 UTC by steve Share This

Ania Mitros and Oliver Landolt have developed a vibrating CMOS visual sensor based on the retinae of spiders. The vibration is used to enhance resolution and decrease fixed pattern noise in the image. New Scientist has an article summarizing the research or you can have a look at the more detailed information available on Ania's web site.

Less image processing power needed?????, posted 2 Apr 2001 at 14:44 UTC by Air » (Journeyer)

I would think that you are still processing the same amount of data as a larger pixel sensor. In fact, now you have the overhead of calculating the location of the sensor when the image was taken and bringing that into the equation. It will give you sharper images, but I dont think it will save CPU cycles...


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