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Long-Term Research vs. Profits

Posted 3 Jul 2002 at 13:26 UTC by steve Share This

In a short editorial at Robotics Online, Joseph F. Engelberger, the namesake of the Robotic Industries Association Engelberger Award, complains about robotics R & D. His opinion is that robotics research today is "unfettered by reality" and focusing on unimportant long-term goals such as teaching robots to walk, have facial expressions, and autonomy. He believes researchers should instead focus on "practical" goals that will "help the robotics industry".

So much for my Engleberger award ;-), posted 3 Jul 2002 at 21:58 UTC by ROB.T. » (Master)

Pleaze, there are more forms of robotics than just industrial, and most of them are a lot more fun.

There are UAVs, AUVs, space robotics, nanorobotic, battlebots, medical, entertainment, animatronics - each of these has its own multi-billion dollar industry. And you know what? Building automation for these industries is a lot sexier than automating a production line. Notice that most if not all of these industries have close ties to academia.

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