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Robots Could Extract Fuel From Prestige

Posted 26 Nov 2002 at 15:03 UTC by steve Share This

Smit Salvage says it would be possible to use robot subs to extract the 18.5 million gallons of fuel oil from Prestige, the tanker which sunk off the cost of Spain recently. Smit Salvage is the Dutch company best known for raising the Russian submarine Kursk last year. Their plan includes several ROVs, location transponders, satellite positioning devices, heaters to liquefy cold oil, and pumps and a pipeline to move the oil to the surface. And, of course, all the equipment would need to be refitted to work at a depth of 11,500 feet. Smit says it's all feasible but the problem is, "who is going to pay for it?".

Robot Power, posted 28 Nov 2002 at 00:01 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Now only if the robot could power itself on the fuel it eats!

Silly question., posted 1 Dec 2002 at 16:52 UTC by NateW » (Master)

"[...] who is going to pay for it?"

The owners of the sunk tanker.

OK, probably not, but they oughtta.

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