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Posted 6 Jun 2003 at 14:11 UTC by steve Share This

New research from the Rutgers-Newark Memory Disorders Project may have settled a decade-old debate on how the hippocampus in the human brain stores memories. Proponents of the seemingly contradictory theories of incremental memory and episodic memory have fought it out for years. Now it seems they were both half-right. The hippocampus has two memory storage algorithms that run side-by-side. Meanwhile, according to another report, researchers at NYU and Harvard including Loren Frank, Emory N. Brown and others think they have identified the actual neural cells within the hippocampus that are repsonsible for new memory formation. And lastly, next time your robot asks, "Will I dream?", show it this article which summarizes the latest views on whether or not human dreaming is caused by the brain's offline memory reprocessing.

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