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RoboVacs Find a Place in the Heart

Posted 16 Jun 2003 at 19:24 UTC by steve Share This

Two new Wired articles reveal that not only are Robot Vacs Are in the House, they're also becoming pets. It appears some robot vacuum cleaner owners are becoming emotionally attached to their machines; almost as if they were alive. Scientists have already noticed that robot pets like AIBO seem to tap into a hardwired human nurturing response. It now looks like robot vacuums are unintentionally doing the same.

Wetware, Rats and Robots, posted 17 Jun 2003 at 01:26 UTC by Timster » (Master)


I'm unable to submit a story since the email keeps bouncing back.

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Organic robot mixes rat brain with silicon

17:19 Friday 13th June 2003 Rupert Goodwins,,t269-s2136041,00.html

A new experimental device combines biology and electronics to investigate the wetware in our heads.

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