World's Smallest Motor

Posted 23 Jul 2003 at 18:56 UTC by steve Share This

A UC Berkeley press release describes a new nanotechnology motor built by Alex Zettl, leader of Berkeley's Zettl Research Group and a nanotech researcher specializing in applications of multi-wall nanotubes. The rotor is 500 nanometers across, 300 times smaller than a human hair and smaller than many viruses. The shaft is less than 10 nanometers (just a few atoms) thick. Berkeley claims this is the smallest synthetic motor ever made. A new Nature article includes an artists rendering that gives a good idea of what the motor looks like and an animated GIF of the motor in action was also released today.

I wonder...., posted 24 Jul 2003 at 14:54 UTC by earlwb » (Master)

I wonder how they plan to lubricate the bearings or shaft or whatever it is that it uses. The gear drive or transmission would be interesting too.

Friction on a nano-scale, posted 24 Jul 2003 at 16:16 UTC by jstrohm » (Observer)

I think in the article they said that friction wasn't a factor at the nano scale.

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