Greenpeace Targets Robots, AI, and Nano

Posted 25 Jul 2003 at 16:09 UTC by steve Share This

Somebody at Greenpeace may have seen a few too many of those "machines will rule the world" movies we mentioned in yesterday's story. The group may be adding robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology to their enemies list. But the group's recently released "study" (PDF format) on these and other emerging technologies is unclear as to what extent Greenpeace will oppose these technologies. Some view this as good news since other luddite groups like ETC have expressed much stronger anti-technology views, calling for complete moratoriums on research. A Smalltimes story gives an overview of the controversy. Howard Lovy offers some analysis of the Greenpeace study and the initial nanotechnology industry response in his weblog.

The luddite tendancy, posted 25 Jul 2003 at 19:28 UTC by motters » (Master)

I think it would be a great shame if an organisation like Greenpeace were to adopt an anti-technology stance. Technologies such as robotics, AI, nano or even GM are politically pretty neutral - used appropriately they can bring significant benefits but if missused they could potentially be harmful.

The way in which people make use of technology may vary for good or ill, but to label entire technologies as "bad" is to tread in the footsteps of Ned Ludd and the "army of redressers".

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