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Just your average 25 year old whos been obsesed with robots since he was 6. I am ashamed to admit that I used to take apart my own, and my borthers toys in attempt to build a robot. I havent made one yet. I guess I don't have much interest in makeing a whole robot. What I am intersted is the field of AI. I have a hunch that having a body with which to interact with the environment, might possibly be one of the keys to unlocking AI. I feel that the development of true artifical intelligences would be the pinacle of human creativity. I believe it is our destiny to do this. As you can see from my website I am also a digital artist. I do this mainly for stress releaf. Feel free to comment on any of my pics in their. If you think it sucks o.k. Just tell me why. Anyway I am very excited to work together with anyone on here familure with circuit design I think I may have figured out a way to generate true random numbers, however I need someone who is familure with designing computer chips to get it to the patentable phase. I also suspect that we might need someone to program the interface for the chip As you can see I am brim full of ideas. Contact me and maybe we can change the world together.


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